Congratulations to our 3rd grade teachers! We just received news that all of our 3rd grade students met the Third Grade Guarantee - quite an accomplishment!  Congratulations, as well, to our primary teachers for their hard work in establishing the foundation skills of reading.


You've probably heard about Governor Kasich's proposal for teachers to have to complete unpaid externships at businesses as one requirement in renewing their license.  Here are some articles on the subject.  Please contact your state senator and representative to share your thoughts.

IHEPO Breakfast This Friday

We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday, February 17th, in the Middle School cafeteria for our IHEPO winter breakfast.  We have information to review before a vote is taken by the membership.

Breakfast will be served beginning at 7 a.m.  The presentation begins at 7:20.  We will dismiss by 7:50 to allow time to return to your home school.

See you there!

Comment on the ESSA Draft

The Ohio Department of Education has asked for input on the draft of the new ESSA regulations.  You will need to submit your comments by March 6th.

Here is a link showing a table comparing NCLB and ESSA:

Indian Hill Ranked #1

Congratulations to all!  Indian Hill Schools were ranked #1 in the Cincinnati area. and #3 in Ohio. There are some interesting comparisons to make if you explore the links in this article.

Guiding Students Towards Success

This article describes how students thrive in the school setting with structure, routine and high expectations.  Although it is geared towards younger students, the message fits all grade levels.

Interesting Articles:

Here are two articles of interest to Ohio teachers.  The first is a teacher's blog post on Value Added as listed on the state report card.  In high performing districts, this area of evaluation can be a challenge.

Value Added Blog Post

The second has to do with 403 B retirement accounts.  It raises some interesting questions you may want to ask before investing.

Teacher Retirement Plan Article

#1 in Ohio!

Newsweek magazine has ranked Indian Hill High School #1
in the state of Ohio and #54 in the nation in its list of America's Top High Schools of 2016!  Congratulations to the students, faculty and staff in all of our schools.  Thank you to the parents and the community for your support.

Off to a Great Start!

This week has been filled with meetings, records review and room preparation.  The IHEPO was able to meet as a group on Wednesday to socialize over breakfast, review our new contract and discuss goals for the new year, including some exciting professional development opportunities.  We also heard the great news that our dues were reduced this year!

We all look forward to another successful year in all of the Indian Hill schools!

Welcome Back!

We are looking forward to another amazing year with our students and colleagues.  Our instructional teams are working the first week of August to examine data and plan new building goals.  Other teachers are setting up their rooms and materials to create a welcoming classroom for their new students.  We also have many teachers involved in orientation and bridge activities that assure students will feel comfortable and confident as they move to a new school or grade level.  Our new teachers are having special training to learn our technology and curriculum.  Thanks to everyone for your extra efforts!

Join the PTO

We are lucky because we have so many dedicated parents.  Show your support by joining the PTO this school year.  We received a special rate - only $5.  Join today!

PTO Membership Form 2016-17

Provide Input on Proposed State Standards

Provide comments and suggestions to the proposed state standards for math and language arts through a survey on the ODE website.  Surveys must be completed by August 1st.

Welcome Paolo DeMaria

Paolo DeMaria is now the superintendent of Ohio schools.  The link below shares information about his background.  He has asked teachers, parents and other stakeholders to contact him with ideas on how to improve the education system in Ohio.

His email address is

Helping Students Who Have Behavioral Challenges

An excellent article listing ways to help students with anxiety and students who are disruptive in the classroom. This is an important issue that will be addressed by our guest speakers and in our professional book studies this school year.



Congratulations to Shelby and Megan, recipients of
 the 2016 IHEPO Scholarships.

Dr. Paul Foxman to Visit

In cooperation with the district, IHEPO will be hosting several presentations on September 15 by Dr. Paul Foxman.  Dr. Foxman is the founder and director of the Center for Anxiety Disorders in Burlington, Vermont. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Vanderbilt University. He has been in private practice for 35 years.

Dr. Foxman will present to the HS student body during an afternoon assembly.  He will then present two sessions in the afternoon open to the HS/MS faculty and ES/PS faculty.  Finally, he will present to the community in the evening.  The focus of his presentation will be "The Worried Child."  This is one of several books he has written.

This presentation is the kick-off to another Mental Wellness series sponsored by the District and IHEPO.

IHEPO Book Study

We are pleased to offer an ongoing Book Study during the 2016-17 school year led jointly by IHEPO and the District.  The Book Study will include a series of three books (approximately 50 pages each) and discussion meetings along with job embedded study.  The books come from an ASCD series targeting rigor and challenge within the regular classroom:

You can earn one or two Ashland University credits by attending the discussion meetings, trying ideas discussed, logging job embedded hours and sharing student evidence,  The three meeting dates are November 8th - after school, January 10th - after school or February 17th from 12-2 and March 14th -after school.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the RSVP form at: .  If you have specific questions, please contact the course facilitators, Hilary Smith or Tracy Quattrone. 
If you would like to purchase the books, contact Amy Campa at the PS, Terry Mullenax at the ES, Nick Carpenter at the MS, or Anne Kuhn at the HS.  The books will be available on the first day of school and will each cost $13.87.  

IHEPO Executive Board 2016-17

President - Anne Kuhn
Secretary - Julie Pfeiffer
Treasurer - Jordan Siebenaller

Primary School:
Vice-President - Amy Campa
Representatives - Jen Oden, Elizabeth Ruebusch

Elementary School:
Vice-President - Terry Mullenax
Representatives - Danielle Lintz, Mark Richardson

Middle School:
Vice-President - Melanie Carr
Representatives - Nick Carpenter, Vera Hayslip, Hilary Smith

High School:
Vice-President - Mark Atwood
Representatives - Katie Dillenburger, Vicky Mendoza, Tom Millard, Cherita Townsend

Indian Hill - A Great Place to Work

For the second year, the Indian Hill School District has been recognized as one of the Enquirer's Top Work Places in Cincinnati.  Our great staff makes our district so amazing!

In an Enquirer article, Anne Kuhn commented:  “Indian Hill is a great place to work because we are a team. The expectations here are high and we all do our part. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and work hard. We never hesitate to try something new, learn about different approaches and share our ideas with one another. We push ourselves and our colleagues to the point of exhaustion. Just look at the bags under our eyes. We support one another and are supported by everyone including board members, maintenance and custodial staff, administrators, secretaries, bus drivers and the community.”